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I will praise you, O Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonders.
Psalm 9:1

Friday, August 6, 2010

Hiking, Biking & White Water Rafting

"A few month's ago mom I couldn't have done this" Morgan commented as we biked along the Truckee river in Tahoe California.

It was one of those days that you only read about or see movies. The smell of spruce filled the air , the sun dotted our shady path and clean crisp mountain air along with soothing running river sounds commanded our jumbled and busy minds:"Peace, be still!" And so it was just that: a peaceful, pleasant, perfect "riding along on our bicycle mobiles" moment, when Morgan spoke.

"I couldn't have done this.." I couldn't help but dwell on this thought..couldn't have. She couldn't have and we wouldn't have without her. Yet here we are, hiking, biking and rafting down a river in Northern California, spending money and time like there is no end to both! It was another moment that I worshiped with song and prayers of thanksgiving. But lately I have been on what victor calls a rant and this particular moment and my response to thsi glorious moment got me ranting again:
God is Good and worthy of my worship when I am not good, when I hurt, when I am sick, when I have no money and no time. His goodness goes beyond how I feel at any moment. Why do we say "God is Good" when Good things happen, or when we get what we want. Time and Time again I see it. In myself and others: the test came back negative: God is Good. We made it safely: God is Good. and so on and so on. But God is Good when the test was positive, God is Good when we don't make it safely." Do I know this? Yes, but I don't live it. I don't say God is good when my car breaks down. I don't say God is good when I am faced with illness and death. But the truth is God is always Good, it is me who is not.

So how am I going to practically apply this idea to my everyday life? I had an opportunity to begin the very next day during 4 hours of car sickness. So I passed the time praising and praying. I kept saying words of praise how great you are oh lord! God is Good in my nausea, in my weakness, in my headache , How Great Though Art!!!!!!!!! I know that darkness will surround me and the enemy will work to strike despair in my heart using illusion that is the world around me..but my focus must be not on what "I see" but what "I can't see" I must remember that when I" sit in darkness" that the LORD is my light and that when "the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines.." that I "will rejoice in the LORD and be joyful in God my Savior". Sounds great on paper huh? Well it has got to look even greater lived out!

So now I must go about living what I rant about:)

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