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I will praise you, O Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonders.
Psalm 9:1

Thursday, February 2, 2012


"The error is not in what the eye sees but what the mind perceives" Thomas Dubay.

I picked up a good read recently. Ok I downloaded one, but that doesn't sound quite right, saying "I downloaded a good read?" So I will stick with the idiom, I picked up a good read:) I should note that I am only on page of 30 of this 200 page read, but so far so good. It is thought provoking or at a minimum it provoked my thinking.

In response to the above quote I asked myself, "What errors in perception have I made and/or continue to make" Being one who values the understanding of my own mind and it's thoughts I bit off this big juicy psychological piece of meat and started chewing..

So far, I have come to one conclusion. I perceived a lot of little things and do so wrongly, yes I suppose and assume moment after moment. Indeed in more situations than I would like to admit, I am way way too quick to conclude. Small examples of me catching myself jumping to conclusions are: if a receptionists is rude, I assume they must be an a ____. If the a driver in front of or behind me is tailgating or weaving a little, I conclude they are idiots. This little list is piling up to one big pile of sh***, (caught ya didn't I, I was thinking shame what did your mind perceive it to be? Be honest)

shame, shame, tsk, tsk, oh how convicting it is (meant to be sung to the tune of Plop, plop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is)

Small matters you might say and I agree with you; these are small errors, but they are errors none the less and if I err in little matters; I am certain that I err in BIG ones. Therefore I am opening up my mind and my heart up. I am asking my lord and savior, my convicter, my redeemer and friend to show me more of myself, more of my errors. The ones I make when I perceive beyond what I see...yes, I am a little concerned at what I might discover, but I live to learn. So let the learning begin!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hide Out Hollow

Our family likes to Hike and Bike, and while we can't bike so much these days (Thanks to Morgan's Head injury) We have spent time exploring our beautiful states trails. Our most recently discovered treasure of the naturist sort was Hide Out Hollow.

While there remains a lot of damage from the ice storm that makes the forest around the trail look beat down and dreary, the view from the bluff and the the lovely water fall make up for the depressed trees lining the trail. The large rocks are perfect for climbing and conquering:) I recommend crossing the top of the water fall, scaling the bluff line to go below the falls. Obviously you will need to be careful, but Morgan & Samuel loved it! Rose was somewhat envious that she missed this one:)

If you can't hike for whatever reason, don't forget that road tripping Boxley Valley and Ponca can be just as enjoyable!! So here is to everyone enjoying this spring and Summer!

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