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I will praise you, O Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonders.
Psalm 9:1

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer School

So we don't take a summer break with our education. I trim it back, ya know just do the 3 R's well really just 2. We don't do handwriting, maybe this is mistake because Samuel's handwriting is not so good. He is stubborn. He likes the way capital letters look and wants to use them; therefore, he often pays little to no attention to the rules of capitalization:) But there I go again chasing a noodle in the spaghetti plate of my mind all the way of the plate...

So summer school, I have always done it. Well as along as always stretches in this case, so for the past 8 years. But I am a little burned out. I can't get my creative juices flowing. I find myself looking out the window wishing to be beach side. Maybe it isn't school, it is work. Maybe it isn't work, it's school, which ever it is I have lost my mojo, my steam, my drive and as the little blue worm from the veggie tale movie "Jonah and the Big Fish" says: I gotta get my gut into it. So I was thinking that maybe there might be a way to put some sprinkles on this cake. Do they have trade shows for homeschool? With business there is nothing better than a good trade so to get the ideas flowing. Ya know you walk around see new products, talk shop with others in the industry. Good times. But I have failed in the past to connect in any real and lasting way with home school groups. Part of the homeschool experience is just how individual and personal everything is, and now that I am working and homeschooling I can't fathom joining a group. But one way or another I gotta get some mojo and if I drink anymore coffee my blood will turn black.

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