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I will praise you, O Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonders.
Psalm 9:1

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ho hum

So I have the ho hums...yeah I know what happened to my attitude of gratitude. Well it is still with me and in fact I am using it right now to over come this dreary moment. But I would be being dishonest if I didn't confess: I just have the ho hums. Here I sit with a desk that is an embarrassment to me . I have to my right a 4 slotted help get you organized organizer. Top slot is the has to be done to day business stuff. Next slot down, needs follow up when time permits business stuff. 3rd slot from the top, personal money, mail, etc. Last slot, homeschool worksheets etc. Not bad in and of itself but lets travel to the right 6 inches. There is a stack of marketing material that I am working on, next this is my address book (yes I keep an old fashioned non digital address book) that props up my key board because I like it to be raised higher than average. Behind these items are my duel monitors, a must have for bookkeeping, and they are perched upon books so they are elevated to a comfortable height. I did have trouble finding books that would ensure the monitors would be the same height. I settled with the one on my right being a 1/4inch lower. Continuing onward to the right is business phone, a light bulb that needs to be put in, a scotch tape dispenser, A pink calculator that morgan left behind after a math lesson and my bible and journal open to day's memory verse, and nxt to this is the pad that stays next to the phone, dry erase markers and pins. Directly in front of my key pad are my teachers editions of both grade 3 and grade 6 BJU reading these are on top of the worktext manuals. Now to come full circle resting in front of my 4 slotted organizer is my business address book (again I have this as back up) a tissue box, my mini coupon file thing, a post it note pad, an invoice from a vender, yikes that should be in slot one, a map of texas and brochure for the Consumer Electronics Expo, add to that my Office depot catalog and well all this hodgepodge of stuff makes me one ho hummed gal. I will; however, not allow this to continue. Instead, I will blog out my ho hummedness. I already feel better:) I probably would have felt just a good had I taken this time to clean it up instead of complain about it. LOL

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